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Hate black screens soooo much!!

So, I have finally got around to install FF7 on my laptop. Now I only have to get it to work -.-U

Starting Peds tomorrow. I will miss internal medicine soooooo much =(

Step by step...

As I'm a chronic procrastinator, I have yet to instal my FFVII game. But! I did finally manage to install photoshop in my new computer. And of course, that called for some manip time. Even if the program closed up unexpectedy and I had to start almost all over again. That will (hopefully) teach me to freaking save my work as I do it   -_-U
In the meantime, hope that you like!

Amano Tiferis
by ~Iskra-Revoir on deviantART

Sweet dreams to all of you!! ;)

PS. Loving the Gastro rotation!!! lol

It's been a hard day's night...

...and I've been working like a dog
It's been a hard day's night,
I should be sleeping like a log...

Wait a sec, I did that already. After having been on-call Thursday-Friday in which probably stands as the worst couple of days in my internship and quite probably my whole life yet, I slept through all friday's afternoon till saturday's noon. And now I'm on call again tomorrow and will be home until monday's afternoon. And then we will most likely be back to log-me. 

So, as I'm quite done whining and making excuses for my continuous abscense and there's really no point in rememorating the past couple of days, I just wanna keep this as a reminder that I'm almost over with this second serving of ER and that soon I will be back to my beloved Internal Medicine again. And to my also beloved Internal Medicine on-calls, wich are much nobler that the ER ones. And when that happens, I swear I'm finally installing (and playing!) the FFVII game I bought almost five years ago, before starting Med school.

Yes, I know

But now I swear I'm going to make the time to at least play my favorite game for the first time (how does that work, I wonder?) and be back to my dear LJ friends :)

And in the mean time....

Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down...


Dear God:

Would you please be so very kind as to send in my way a patient that actually recovers? Cause it seems like I keep atttracting only terminally ill patients to my role and having five patients die on you in only a week can be pretty disheartening. And a bit more when you add a family friend´s death on top. And I´m really starting to feel like there are vultures flying over my head  ; _ ;

Sadly depressed, Me  :(

Happy fix

I just really need one right now.

Could somebody please tell the world to slow down? Because I would really like to get out. Or at least make a little pause :(

But still....

I won´t be here tomorrow to say it, so I love you daddy!!

Sorry I had to wait till it rained...

Yep. Rain was late this year and so was I, or so it seems.

I know that many of you have been trough a lot this past couple of months and I feel like a terrible friend for not being there for you the way you have always been there for me. But my computer broke, my hectic ER rotation started and before I realized, it was already june and not even a little peek at LJ or any of my other usual hang-outs for me :(

How much can you miss in two months? Well, aparently, a whole lot of important  things in the life of a whole lot of important people, so I will have to make sure to dedicate a couple of days to navigate throug my friends page. After I´m done with my perpetual enemy, on-call days, of course.

In the mean while, know that you are all in my heart and in my prayers, and please forgive how terrible I have been with the whole keeping-in-toch bussines. Promise I will do better, just see!!


Hugs to all of you, f-list!! ♥

In a pink, giddy haze...

Feeling so great with the world that I just had to post :)

See, I was feeling quite depressed because it felt like my barely-there break was slipping through my fingers and I would be left with just another two weeks long break for all that´s left of the year. We got visits from Mexico city, so this last days have been full of cleaning and ordering things around and attending the guests.

But today, some family friends invited us, guests and all to a restaurant they own in Punta Mita, which is about one hour drive away from Pto Vallarta (Vallarta is right in the center of the bay and Punta Mita is in the extreme). Now, even though I´ve know this friends for a while, I had never been in their restaurant. And I´ve got to say, I didn´t knew it was rated first in tripadvisor.com or that it was right over the beach, but I was enchanted!!!

The food was great, the company was great and my appetite is back! And besides, I had my feet on the sand the whole time!! And I got to enjoy the trip back with a night sky full of stars. So now I´m feeling more happy with life in general and my vacational status in particular and more forgiving with the net and LJ for acting funny with me all week long.

So, how are you F-list? Hopefully feeling as happy as I feel right now!!! =)

Caught in a Cloti Cloud...

Well, it´s not a fanfic. But after finally figuring out how to make the Dissidia 012 renders less transparent, it would have been a crime not to start using them right away :P

This is for my dear and talented [info]kitsune13_tam  since it´s based on the Chapter 7 of her fic "Tales within Tales"  called 'Triangles' (hence the word Triangles in the right side... I´m not sure about leaving it or remove it. Opinions on this matter will be greatly apreciated)
Hope you enjoy!

Oh my Dog!!

When I watched this on the news, it actually made me go all teary-eyed. If animals can show loving kindness to it´s kin, then surely humans must be able to do greater good for our kind.

Nobody stays behind.

Tagged for a meme...Collapse )Who should I tag? Ummmm... [info]kitsune13_tam, [info]laura_josephsen, [info]girlinstilettos, [info]hatsugami, [info]grav_ity, [info]the_tower_room, [info]sekiharatae and [info]apricotvodka are the more recent entries in my friends page, so they get to be tagged ;)

And the world keeps shaking...

What a day!!

First I get a distressed call from a family friend telling me about the Tsunami alert in all the Pacific coast, which to be true, I kinda didn´t believed in, just before I was leaving home for the hospital, which means I arrived late. Thank god there was only one patient in labor.  Which turned out to be one of my med school classmates sister-in-law. Which thankfully, I didn´t discover till I had delivered the baby, or I would have been really stressed out :P

As for the Tsunami alert, all the consults were suspended and all the posible patients were discharged. Most of the other interns went home, but since the labor area is an emergency service, I had to stay. Good think that there was only a slight increment in the waves!!!

Right now, I´m jus feeling very sad for all the poor people that have died or lost their homes or loved ones to the terrible quake in Japan. And let´s not forget that today is the aniversary of the bombing of the trains in Madrid in 2004. In a way, I feel like remember them is the only thing I can do for them now, since that kind of loss can never be repaid.

Here´s a song from the Spanish group "La oreja de Van Gogh" called "Jueves" (The bombing was a Thursday, March 11) I wanted to translate the lyrics so you all could understand the story, but I didn´t got enough time. Hopefully, I will able to do it later on. For now, this is for all of you who knows how life can change in the blink of an eye...